Seven (1995)

Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Wrath , Pride, Lust
Directed by: David Fincher
Starring      : Morgan Freeman, Brad Pitt
Runtime     : 127 minutes
WI's Rating: 9.1

William Somerset(Morgan Freeman) is  as senior police who was preparing to retire and leave the horrors of the city while David Mills (Brad Pitt) is a brash, hot-headed rookie cop who believes his big break lies in the murky, seedy unnamed metropolis. Amidst some cynicism, Somerset takes on Mills as a partner for his last days. When two murders occur within two days of each other the duo realize that a serial killer is murdering his victims in accordance with the seven deadly sins: gluttony, greed, sloth, lust, pride, envy and wrath. What follows is a terrifying and disturbing story of the dark side of human nature. As the title, situation in this movie occurs in 7 days and 7 deadly sins(Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Wrath , Pride, Lust). the victim was murdered in uncommon ways, like a model who proud of her beauty death died with her face cut.

The two detectives enjoy an uneasy relationship with no real friendship ever striking up between them. The older Somerset is educated, astute and gives the impression of being emotionally burnt out. Mills, who has no respect for Somersets methodical investigating gets excited at the thought of solving a murder and firmly believes that the good guys will win eventually. The further we get into the action, the might of the evil that they face pushes both men beyond their limits.
William Somerset: I just don't think I can continue to live in a place that embraces and nurtures apathy as if it was virtue.
David Mills: You're no different. You're no better.
William Somerset: I didn't say I was different or better. I'm not. Hell, I sympathize; I sympathize completely. Apathy is the solution. I mean, it's easier to lose yourself in drugs than it is to cope with life. It's easier to steal what you want than it is to earn it. It's easier to beat a child than it is to raise it. Hell, love costs: it takes effort and work
The Most disturbing message that Seven puts across, is that the fight against evil is destined to be a Pyrrhic victory. But regardless the only thing we can do is fight on whatever the cost. We have no other choice.

Spoiler alert
Read for your own risk
The killer (Kevin Spacey) who name himself as John Doe offers to take Mills and Somerset to the location of the sixth and seventh victims. When they arrive at the barren outdoor location, a delivery van drives up and drops off a box containing Mills' wife's head(Gwyneth Paltrow). John Doe kills her, fulfilling the sin of ENVY because he envied Detective Mills' "simple" life He hoped that in turn Mills would then kill him, fulfilling the final sin, WRATH (which also makes sure John is punished by death for his sin). Mills is technically not punished by death for his sin, but he is obviously left a broken man (which is probably the life he is 'allowed to live', to which John Doe was referring in the car).

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